Welcome to my website

Here you will learn about my activities in the arts. I first started studying Ballet at the age of three, and moved on to performing in local companies in Boston as a teen. I began classical music studies at seven and performed and wrote songs throughout my twenties in Europe and California. Studied theater in New York City in my twenties and went on to work in several repertory companies in Boston, New York and Santa Barbara in my thirties, eventually creating original dance/theater in 1986 and then continued creating shows all the way up to today.

My current focus is planning several art events for 2012. The Twelfth Annual Buddha Abides Contemporary Art Exhibition is just around the corner, the opening reception on Saturday April 28th. I’ve been busy contacting artists and encouraging them to participate this year so that we can once again give some financial support to our charities of choice, as well as explore Buddhist understanding and create works of beauty that will enhance our homes all the while reminding us what is essential to our lives. If you go to buddhaabides.blogspot.com you will be able to download application forms as well as learn about the history of the event.

This year I have been hired by the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice organization to direct the entire children’s arena in Alameda Park. I am really looking forward to this. I was the performance teacher for The Lobero Circus Camp for five years, and have missed that crazy and creative environment. Our Summer Solstice intent is to have inter-active activities throughout both Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th. There will be music, crafts, art, dance, theater, storytelling, yoga and maybe even some circus!


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