Traveler’s Tales

Paris 2011

In August 2011 I visited Paris with my good friend Cecilia. Click here to view a slide show of photos from our trip together.

Paris Conscious

By Lark Batteau


“Du beau, du bon, Dubonet, du beau, du bon Dubonet, du beau, du bon, Dubonet.” I babbled in a delirious haze of fever, while lying on a small cot in an apartment in Paris. I remember light streaming in through lace curtains, multi-paned windows providing a glimpse of tiled rooftops and sky, the wispy, white hair of my friend’s grandmother… and that ad.

another trip, I was so consumed with my French boyfriend, six foot three, chestnut curls and green eyes, a low, velvet voice… that Paris remains a blur. Continue Reading…