Healing Arts

For millenia humans have sought ways to ease the pain and suffering in life. Even though we would like to have a hard, fast, clear, consistent technique to stop it all, life just doesn’t work like that. Healing is an ever changing and ongoing process. To nudge it in the right direction takes experience, wisdom, courage, compassion, and a creative imagination that is the art of it all. Since I was 18 years old I’ve been fascinated by the mostly Asian Healing Arts: Macrobiotics, Chinese Herbs and Nutrition, Japanese acupressure massage, Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga. It’s great to have such an arsenal of remedies. I will be holding seminars to share some of this knowledge.

May my mind be clear. May my hands be healing hands. May my heart be a healing heart. We are all connected. “Compassion is a relationship between equals”. We all rise together.

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