Welcome to my website.


It is a thrill to be able to introduce you to the many activities that fill my life. With an extensive education and lifetime of involvement, my passions are clear: Dance, theater, music and art.

Not only do I create and perform in these particular mediums, I also write, direct and produce shows and events that include them in local theaters, clubs, festivals, and sometimes even on the streets and in the paseos.

All my life I have loved the arts, and also, although some would not see them as linked, I love and practice the holistic healing arts. For if one is not healthy in body and mind, it is impossible to sustain the energy level and dedication it takes to support what is required to accomplish artistic goals.

So, if you should choose to peruse this website, I hope you find it inspiring, that you read some stories; and please don’t stand back safely on the dry sidelines of the Internet. Come to an event, and really get your feet wet in that fabulous, real and brilliant medium called THE ARTS.

Thank you.